Keeping up with the pace of change – the innovative face of qualitative research

qual-apacxWhether we are discussing the growing importance of qualitative research technologies or the way we leverage mixed methods, it all comes down to the idea of adaptability, innovation and the actual impact market research can have on product development, marketing, and business strategy.

At the upcoming Qual360 APAC conference on Oct 19 and 20 in Singapore, senior researchers from General Mills, Lego and Firefly Millward Brown will explore why qualitative research should not and need not stand still. On the contrary, embracing change and innovation can help researchers, and ultimately businesses make better decisions, develop new products and better address common marketing challenges.

Anup Pradhan from General Mills, India will discuss how the process of innovation development and research tools adopted by marketers have changed dramatically in recent times. Anup will reveal the best practices they have implemented recently and how new research tools have helped drive innovation in General Mills.

On a related note, innovation can also be achieved through new qual methods such as “Consumer Theatre”. Firefly Millward Brown’s CEO, Cheryl Stallworth-Hooper will discuss the nuts and bots on how Consumer Theatre works and how it is used effectively to spark engagement and creativity. According to Stallworth-Hopper, this method can break down boundaries, unlock a greater depth of insight and quickly inspire idea generation by using the power and honesty of consumers.

On the importance of digital qual, successful businesses demand innovative research practices that offer more than just data. Going digital is not new. What is crucial is to expand the ability for researchers to target difficult to reach audiences and shed light on consumer behaviour in a way had not been done before. In this light, Keerthi Kumaravelu from Lego will share with peers how digital savvy qual researchers can expand their toolbox when going digital. She will discuss a recent case study on how to uncover the unmet needs of consumers successfully through in-the-moment shopper research.

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