Is your brand the BFF of super consumers?

QUAL360 APAC 2016 is happening in less than 2 weeks and we are incredibly excited about the great cast of speakers sharing their ideas. I appreciate the fresh inspiration and energy that these leaders are bringing to the table, so I spent some time interviewing them. Hopefully, this will give you a sneak peek into what the programme will be about, as well as some inspiration to motivate change and growth in your organisation. Below is my interview with Anshul Dhar, Executive Director, Qualitative Growth and Emerging Markets at Nielsen.

At QUAL360 APAC, Anshul will co-present with Michael Zdraski, the Head of Retail and Co-Brand Cards at OCBC Bank. They will speak about the exciting topic: “Is your brand the super consumers’ BFF?”

In this presentation, they will ask the audience whether brands are befriending their “super consumers” faster and more effective than the competitors. You will learn how to build brand loyalty and be “besties” with not just the “super consumers” but also the “super shoppers” and “super watchers” too. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

JL: What are you most looking forward to at Qual360 APAC 2016?

AD: As someone rightly said about our world now, “the pace of change is never going to be this slow again”, I am excited to understand how fellow researchers are coping and how they are helping clients manage this fast change. I am looking forward to getting to see new and more effective ways of approaching insights generation and client outcomes, and meeting the research and the client fraternity, to network and engage.

JL: Why did you choose the topic you will speak about?

AD: Nielsen worked with OCBC Bank as they wanted to develop a new Credit Card proposition to take on the most popular Rewards based shopping card in the world. We helped the bank through its innovation cycle, identified the insights, worked through them and designed a proposition that wins amongst shoppers. Nielsen leveraged its powerful and future-ready framework Super Consumers to learn and leverage from a key group ‘Super Shoppers’ – a subset of consumers who drive the most value and are the most heavily engaged in the category.

JL: Why should delegates attend your talk?

AD: Super Consumers are the speedier path to super insights and strategy in your category, a way to synchronize your ‘demand chain’ and the difference between holding steady and unlocking significant growth in your category. Across the more than 200 categories analyzed, they are the approximately 10% of households that drive 30% of sales, 40% of category growth and 50+% of category profit. The Super Consumer phenomenon points to a virtuous circle: Often companies can do well by showing more love to the customers who love them the most.

JL: What is the one key point that attendees should take from your talk?

AD: What brought us here will definitely not take us there! Time has come to think beyond mere representativeness or sampling, time to find that consumer who is in love with you and see how we can incorporate that love-equation in our strategy for sustained growth.

Editor’s note: You can learn more about the upcoming conference by visiting the QUAL360 APAC website.