Tomoko Yoshida, Freelance

Moderator/Qualitative Research Consultant

Well experienced and highly motivated freelance moderator/qualitative researcher. Her career as market researcher started soon after graduating from university, where she majored in Social/Cultural Studies in International Perspectives. After working in a major market research agency, she has started her own business as moderator/qualitative analyst in 2006 and now has 25+ years experience in qualitative research, conducting about 200 Focus Groups, Depth Interviews, Ethnographic Interviews, and Online quals on a yearly basis. Tomoko has a rich and broad experience in various industries/target groups, and one of her specific strengths is her cheerful and playful manner to open up even small children or crusty seniors. When moderating in online communities, what she takes care most is to show her attitudes of “I’am beside you, I am listening, I am enjoying your story!”

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