Mukul Gautam, Purple Audacity

General Manager

Mukul can be described as a keen student of interdisciplinary research approaches with a compulsive itch for experimentation. All things put together, he has spent about six years in research. Â In these years, he has either led or has been an integral part of various researches pertaining to Mixed Methodologies, Trends Foresighting, Consumer Ethnographies, Culture Decoding, Usage and Attitudes, Communication, Product Testing, Positioning and Equity, Experimental research designs, Programme and Impact evaluations. With an equally strong disposition towards both commercial and developmental sector research, his strength lies in his ability to apply the learnings and best practices from one domain to the other. Â During the course of these researches, he has had various opportunities to work with consumers/ people belonging to different socio- economic classifications in urban, peri-urban and rural Indian centres, and across multiple categories/industries including but not limited to Automobiles, FMCG, Telecom, Consumer durables, Alcoholic beverages, Sustainability, e-commerce, Sports and entertainment, Education, Sexual and reproductive health and Nutrition.

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