Joan Nelson, The NTF Group

Qualitative Research Director

Joan Nelson is a highly experienced qualitative researcher, member of the AMSRS, and the American association of qualitative research consultants (QRCA). She was previously NSW General Manager of a national research company and was responsible for introducing choice modelling to the Group. She has special interests in Benefits Realisation in eHealth, social policy research, infrastructure, and the use of choice modelling techniques in a social context.

Joan has a demonstrated ability to be effective in the role of Qualitative Research Director for research and evaluation in major, large scale, complex and high risk projects within large, complex and distributed service delivery organisations, particularly within an IM/ICT project environment. The projects she specialises in use her qualitative skills, particularly in the area of observation and ethnographic research, together with her understanding of and interest in data modelling. She has been involved in a number of projects using Design Thinking for Telstra Health.

As a former national state manager of a large market research agency, Joan was responsible for the management of large complex projects for the Department of Health including studies in Mental Health and a large three year project for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet on Drugs and Driving; this projected resulted in development of the viability of roadside drug testing. She currently directs a range of diverse ICT projects, with a small team of project managers, IT professionals, mathematicians and data analysts and has developed a methodology for managing ‘big data’ projects.

She specialises in change management, process re-engineering and benefits realisation, working together with major multinational companies such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Dell, Cerner as well as State Health Departments. In 2014-2015, with a whole of government team, she produced the NSW Government Guidelines for Benefits Realisation Management.

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