Hemali Pandya, L’OREAL

Head of Consumer Evaluation, R&I

A curious and creative researcher since 2007; currently towards end of my expatriation in Tokyo and preparing to return home to Mumbai, India. I started my research career with TNS working on NeedScope for APAC, then moved to Nielsen handling P&G account mainly for hair care, men grooming and laundry. This is now my 10 th  year in L’Oréal R&I and I have done a variety of roles in the last 9 years. Starting as a qualitative product researcher, adding quantitative testing, moving towards dual roles with project management for hair + sensory research and then later adding 3 rd  role as a liaison for hair [POC between R&I and Biz teams]. 3.5 years back I moved to Tokyo heading consumer product research for all categories with my teams working on classical quant & qual techniques, design thinking workshops, data management with the latest achievement being in digitalization via automation for qualitative research AND piloting VR / MR / AR in product research. Since this May, I am remotely working from Tokyo on my new role on project management for Emerging Markets and Digitalization initiatives.

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