Greg Taylor, The NTF Group

Greg Taylor has over twenty years’ experience in the design, implementation and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research. He is a member of the AMSRS. Before co-founding The NTF Group with Joan Nelson in 1995, he was the General Manager of the Financial Market Research division of a national market research agency, with a team of researchers specializing in financial markets. He has particular expertise in the areas of customer segmentation, value proposition development, customer selection and targeting, database modeling and choice modeling and demand projections.

Greg has been involved in numerous econometric and discrete choice modeling studies for transformational studies in both infrastructure and services. His experience in quantitative research is essential for segmenting and sizing the market. He has implemented research in many  organizations and has played a key part in organizational transformation. Greg is an Adjunct Professor of Boston University and has lectured at the Australian School of Government (ANZSOC) on the use of quantitative methods in government policy development as related to decision making under uncertainty.

Over the past years he has managed assignments in Australia, China, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States for major Australian and multinational clients. In recent years he has become a regular speaker at ‘Big Data’ conferences and has taught groups at the AGSM the fundamentals of dealing with large data sets.

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