Chelsea Chen, UOB Bank

VP, Design Lead

Chelsea considers herself an accidental UX-er, but has not looked back since. As a Design Lead at UOB Bank, Chelsea’s work is rooted in UX strategy and design, user research and content strategy. Prior to UOB, Chelsea was the UX Lead at PayPal and Senior Experience Strategist at Citi FinTech, where she served as Design Lead for Citi’s first ever chatbot.
Design to Chelsea is about weaving intention into a seamless, transcendent experience. Chelsea’s appreciation for design intensified when she became a mother of two. As she helps her rambunctious boys experience the world, they teach her the truths about every human’s primal need for connection, assurance and delight.
Chelsea is fascinated by elements that make up a transcendent user experience – and is happy to chat more if you like coffee.

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