Carlos Hernandez Jr, Abbott

Former Head of Market Insights

With 20 years in the area of consumer insights for some of the world’s most influential corporations, I have the experience to oversee the entire process from partnering with the most creative agencies on the ground to meet customers where they are, expertly analyse the data, and then partner throughout a vertical to evolve products and create as well as sustain marketing campaigns. I have the flexibility to keep up with all of the marketing trends in the new economy, reaching potential customers, while understanding how to optimize the assets of products being brought to the consumer.

I began my career in the United Kingdom, providing market research in the United Kingdom and Europe. Currently based in Singapore, I am the Head of Consumer Insights for a multinational corporation focusing on Healthcare and Health Technology.

Passionate about my career, my future is in the realm of insights and analytics. I find my career in Asia to be exciting as I am introducing new products to the most dynamic, largest population in the world. Whether I am working in a rapidly evolving market and/or focusing on products that positively effect the daily lives of millions, I want to be part of an exciting, fast moving organization.

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