Panel Discussion : Adopting technology to innovate with consumer insights

  • Exploring the ‘need for speed’ for adopting new technology in a competitive world where departments outside MR are finding ways to collect qualitative insights on their own
  • Evolving research methods to be more agile to show qualitative research value to your management for key business decisions
  • Transforming your internal function to tap new qualitative tools for faster and more flexible consumer insights

Moderated by: Pankaj Jha, CEO-Asia, Sensanalysis
Rohan Mathur, Head of Marketing, Developing Asia, Lego Group
Mantazh Khanna, Digital Lead, Microsoft
Solomon Huang, Head of Market Insights and Research, Citi
Cathy Gu, L’Oreal TBC

Location: Main Room Date: 11th October 2018 Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Pankaj Jha, Sensanalysis Solomon Huang, Citi Cathy Gu, L’Oréal Ravina Gobindram, Microsoft