A story of 365 days’ resilience – One year qualitative monitoring on the impact of economic downturn amongst Indonesian consumers

  • Decoding consumers’ socio-emotional challenges to inspire commercial solutions by doing qualitative bimonthly monitoring with a total of 100+ housewives in the entire year of 2015
  • Integrating mobile ethnography (online community) + real-life ethnography approaches with BC+ SES ladies…
  • Diving into the psyche of ups & downs in 1 year’s consumer goods consumption

Hidayatullah Cahyatama, Founder & CEO, Cahyatama Consulting.

Banto Twiseno, Head of Consumer & Market Insight, Unilever Indonesia

Location: Date: 19th October 2016 Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am Hidayatullah Cahyatama Hidayatullah Cahyatama,
Cahyatama Consulting
Banto Twiseno, Unilever Indonesia