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By Jasper Lim / 1st November 2016

QUAL360 APAC 2016 – Post Conference Announcements

Thank you for joining us in Singapore for our QUAL360 APAC conference. The 7th annual conference was attended by a...

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By Jasper Lim / 28th October 2016

Innovation In And Through Qualitative Research – Notes From QUAL360 APAC

In a recent post, I wrote that qualitative research is not only alive and kicking, but also has seen a...

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By Jasper Lim / 24th October 2016

QUAL360 North America 2017 – Call for Papers – The Rise of Big QUAL

QUAL360 North America 2017 will take place on April 5-6 in the beautiful city of Washington D.C. The Call for...

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By Jasper Lim / 12th October 2016

Here’s three reasons why you won’t want to miss QUAL360 APAC 2016

What really sets the Qual360 conferences apart from others is that we’re always looking for the most innovative and interesting...

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By Jasper Lim / 3rd October 2016

Is your brand the BFF of super consumers?

QUAL360 APAC 2016 is happening in less than 2 weeks and we are incredibly excited about the great cast of...

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By Jasper Lim / 28th September 2016

Qualitative research in the age of big data and smart machines

In a world of ever-evolving technologies, big data and smart machines, there is a risk that brands overlook the importance...

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By Jasper Lim / 13th September 2016

QUAL360 Qualitative Market Research Conference Series 2017 – Call for Papers

Press Release, Berlin (Germany) Sep 13, 2016 Merlien Institute has opened its Call for Papers for the QUAL360 Global Qualitative...

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By Pavlina Mladenova / 8th September 2016

A story of 365 days’ resilience – A qualitative study on Indonesian consumption during downturn

Economic growth in Indonesia has fallen to the lowest level for almost five years, according to the latest data, but...

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By Jasper Lim / 6th September 2016

Call for Papers for Qual360 Europe 2017 – The Rise of Big Qual

QUAL360 Europe 2017 will take place on Feb 15-16 in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The Call for Papers is...

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By Jasper Lim / 26th August 2016

Changing research processes at General Mills

The processes of insight generation and innovation have changed dramatically in recent times. Pressure is building on corporate insight functions...

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By Jasper Lim / 16th August 2016

Keeping up with the pace of change – the innovative face of qualitative research

Whether we are discussing the growing importance of qualitative research technologies or the way we leverage mixed methods, it all...

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By Jasper Lim / 29th July 2016

Major brands speak about qualitative research as a source of competitive advantage

One of the hardest, yet most crucial, aspects of marketing research is to decode consumers’ decision making processes. Companies need...

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